Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Friday, March 23, 2007

No, mommy! I didn't steal that cookie!

Is it just me or is Rainbow about ready to lay the smackdown on some unsuspecting cameraman?
Here are the pics that I took of cmbmsu. A less aggressive one than what she has and one of all the beautiful pang she gets.


Sunshine said...

I got two pics of you that I will put up when I get home so we can see more of that sweetness of a shot you put in there!

Sunshine said...

What I like in the background of the last shot with all the pang coming out is all of the other players indicators. We are all sadly sitting in the background way far away wishing we had just done the same as she had.

And yet I will still do the happy dance! ---------------->

shamrock_isle said...

lol I hadn't noticed all thelocation indicators before...and take heart... It was my one fabulous thing all night...See you this evening