Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seriously...its time to Golf

I have been gone the last two Tuesdays for family events, but I am back and ready to play like the average player that I am.

Tonight is our golf night and it is summer, so there should not be any big meetings or whatever that you have to attend. I am hoping to see most of you on for a fun night of trash talking and the occasional good chip or putt.

On a further thought we still have not had an official tournament yet. I would like to see one soon and tonight would be as good as any night to have one. So grab your clubs and lets play some golf!

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shamrock_isle said...

well...i have my last internship meeting tonight...I am in the midst of my farewell tour here...so no golf tonight....hopefully next week!

hugs to all

Sunshine said...

you got to play with us anyway. Glad you could join us even for a little bit.

last night was a pretty good time for golf. I got a sweet chip in eagle on ice cannon hole 2. That was my highlight.