Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Playing Again

Hey all!!!
Sorry for such a long absence but as we all know we have been very busy with everything.
I would like to alert you all to the fact that season 3 of Albatross is coming out soon. There is an open beta until the 30th of Sept. and after that they will make it the only version to play in the near future.
I would suggest downloading it...if you can't find it find me as I have it on my jumpdrive.
Another thing would be to post here for what night works best for you during this semester. For me it would still be Tuesday nights. Post and discuss what works best for each of you.
Lastly there is another game that comes out on October 2nd called Kart Rider. Bascially it is like a Mario Kart MMO (though the characters look like the guys from bomberman). If we want to play this also/instead you can also talk about that on the posts here.
Hope to hear from you soon!


Kate Murray said...

I'd totally be up for a Tuesday night game night. I'm on call at the hospital, so I may wind up having to leave or whatever, but am typically free on Tuesdays.

David said...

My schedule changes from week to week, but Saturday to Monday are basically out for me.

shamrock_isle said...

Tuesday works for me as well

Sunshine said...

I know that Tuesday works for me and JB since he gets out of class at 8:15. I also found out that the beta for season 3 is done and when it comes out it will simply be a patch from your season 2 update page.