Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Monday, May 7, 2007

To Inspire

Remember when you would cheer? When you would laugh? When you would smack your keyboard against the wall because Wholesome beat you one more time? Do you remember when Pippin was the new freak on the block? Come on back, your golf ball misses you.


Sunshine said...

I miss the ball too! :(
Let's play some golf. I do miss it. Life has just been so hectic on all fronts that I haven't had time for it. But I feel ready now. Lets play!

Sunshine said...

To continue my streak of missing golf here we go. Tonight I am going out to dinner with my mother-in-law and Bekkah to celebrate my bday since she is here visiting. My bday is not for a couple of weeks but she thought it would be nice to take me out to dinner and give me my present while she is here...and it is a nice thing too! I most likely will not be on golf tonight. Sorry all!

shamrock_isle said...

grr...I will most likely be late...internship meeting tonight...yippe