Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Golf...FD style!

Bust a move!

Strike a pose!

Give a bamo!

Make fun of your partner!

Those are just a few of the amazing things that happen every Tuesday night when the Flaming Demons get together and play some golf. Tonight at 8:30 EST (-5GMT) is the time to play like you have never played before (or maybe you should so you don't suck it up! *cough* cough* cpatgs *cough* cough*). We will be playing in the Water server meeting in the VS Match section in room Phoenix.

will be joining us tonight as a new member. Make him welcome and haze him a little especially if he is a rookie F cuz that means no tourneys for you!

As usual remember to push F11 to take a stylish shot of yourself doing something cool, or download FRAPS from their website and take a cool vid like wholesome did.

See you tonight!


shamrock_isle said...

i will endeavor to be on time tonight...tutoring at 6 cdt so it will be close...silly 8th grade social studies last week it was 4 hours on the oregon trail...sigh

Sunshine said...

are you bashing the oregon trail?

Jeremie said...

no golfie tonight movie night with my lovely wife sorry!

Sunshine said...

I have two commitments tonight so hopefully they will be done before golf starts. Sorry wholesome but I may be late as well. I don't think I will, but there is a chance.

Sunshine said...

Have fun with movie night Y. Can't do those on Tues. nights 'cuz the wife is gone 'til about 10:30.

shamrock_isle said...

not bashing the oregon trail...just the fact that I spent 4 hours helping to create a poster about it...
although the poster did get an A+

Hope movie night was fun Y!