Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Friday, February 9, 2007

Course Guides

Ok so I added some course guides I found on the Albatross18 forums. The video work fine as far as I could tell for the 10 seconds I watched them.

Like I said I have not looked them over I just thought it would be a good way to have easy access to them. I hope they help if you need it. I know I do after the way I have been playing lately.

There are text guides as well for some of the holes but the forums on Albatross18 do not have separate links (URLs) for each topic so I cannot link them here. So if you want a guide that is not in video then check the forums and see if they have a text guide available.

The guides are on the right side on the sidebar for your enjoyment!

P.S. I found a new website that had some of the text guides I added. It seems like a good one though I have not really looked it over. It's called Pangya Headquarters.

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