Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Monday, February 26, 2007

Guild is Open

Thanks to the efforts of mostly DJ and the money (in-game that is) of Brian we now have opened the guild for applications. I will be very picky about who will be allowed in and who is rejected.

Well not really since it took so long to get us started. So just log into the website Alabatross18 and click on the guilds icon and search for the Flaming Demons guild and then sign up. Then when I log into our guild site I can approve you. I am not sure if DJ can but if he can he will approve you as well.

As soon as we are approved via the logo and the name of our guild we should have the OK by the game in a day and we will be up and running. As soon as we have 8 of us approved by DJ and I then we should have the logo show up in-game. Also you will be able to click on your guild tab in the game as well.

In the future there will be guild events for us to hold within the guild as well as against other guilds so that should be fun stuff to look for down the road.

Glad you all decided to play and we finally got this thing up and running.

I added a link to the guild website on the links list so you can go directly to it.

DJ if I left anything out just add it to the post.

Later everyone and welcome to the official Flaming Demons Guild!



Wholesome Goodness said...

I would like it to be known that, if I have the ability, I will be even more vigilant than Brian at distinguishing between sheep and goats (except in Jeremie's case because he doesn't know the difference).

I will especially be on the lookout for people with last names beginning with "B"...correction, "Br"...change that "Bro"...dangit, you know what, Joel's not allowed.

Sunshine said...

In just one night we were able to get 8 members for the guild so I am guessing that we will be approved tomorrow assuming no hold ups on our name and logo and by the next day we should see our logo in the game and be "official".

Jeremie said...

Sheep and goats are totally the same. The Bible passage about sheep and goats makes no sense-how do you seperate things that are the same? I think I am going to write a senior thesis on the implications of the fact that Jesus condemns and elevates people based on arbitrary decisions. They are all the same! That would be such a sweet thesis.