Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Last night was good to me!

So I did not have any record braking scores like Chrisy but I did have a couple of good holes for myself. Sorry about all the pics but since I do not have a video program to capture video yet I took a couple pics to get the full experience of my excitement.

The first 4 are a HIO on WestWiz hole 2. I hope you like them.

I like Pipin's (my caddie) facial reaction to my HIO. It's priceless.

Ok the next two are a chip in on hole 8 for an eagle on Ice Cannon. I was not expecting it at all.

Lastly is a picture that I do not know how old it is but it's of Chrisy. I like her comment with the picture I took. It's brilliant.


Wholesome Goodness said...

Alright, I got like ten billion comments.

That standing inside the ice cliff pic of Chrisy is what happened to me last night, I couldn't believe it, I was using my wedge as an ice axe.

I cannot believe that I am unable to get a hio. I'm workin my tail off here. Hively was right...I'm gonna get ticked.

Ten-billionthly, it was good to get us all online again. Much fun was had by all. Hopefully we can do it again next week.

Maybe we'll give voice chat another go.

Sunshine said...

Do you know about the move ball function? If not, then at the top of the screen there is a heart with an arrow (or something like that). Click on that then hit control right arrow (I believe) and then you can click on the screen to move the ball. You lose a stroke but at least the ball is on a decent area. I hope that helps and if it doesn't make sense try it in tutorial or family match modes.

shamrock_isle said...

of course it's brilliant...everything I do is bright...lol...sorry in a weird mood tonight...

it was fun to get us all on! lots of fun definitly had by all of us...

okay must go before lappy dies...stupid forgeting power cord


Wholesome Goodness said...

yeah, that's hos I got out of trouble, but by that point, I had already lost 2 strokes on the hole...blegh.

Wholesome Goodness said...

As if it weren't painful enough to see Sunshine notch another hio while I still have the goose egg, I hit -19 one more time, narrowly missing the new record. And then, as if that weren't bad enough, I set myself up perfectly with a -18 going into hole 18, I plink it off the wall and have to settle for a bogey. Monkey Forkers.