Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Tuesday....you know what the means!

That's right tonight we enter into the world of golf again. Put on your gloves, spiked shoes, goofy shorts, polo shirt, and a hat and get ready for some good golfin'...we hope.

Look forward to playing with you all tonight and don't forget to have your finger ready to press F11 in case you get a cool shot to share with us.

Share your stories in the comments of this post unless it has pictures or is just too good to put as a comment!



Wholesome Goodness said...

Good news, the night has passed and I'm still alive. I'm giving myself a 70% chance of living today. Up from 50% last night. Keepin it real

Sunshine said...

You didn't miss much. Chrisy and I played like crap the whole time we called it quits after 1.5 hours. No photos to document the bad experience.

Sunshine said...

So I am double-posting because I forgot to mention the exciting news that I got my Ethernet card working on my lappy so I can play golf on it. The wireless card still disconnects from the internet whenever I play but at least I can play on my lappy because it runs the game much smoother. Course you couldn't tell by the way I played last night as I already mentioned.

shamrock_isle said...

yeah crap doesn't even begin to describe my play....wretched would be my word of choice....

Good to hear you are feeling better DJ!

Sunshine said...

Couldn't have been dying too badly if he played yesterday and attended Ash Wed. service. What a jwek!

Just kidding man...I am glad that you are feeling much better.