Flaming Demons Adventures

Flaming Demons Adventures
Part 1: CMBMSU and Trees

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our First Official Game Night...Plus some Help

Game Night
Tonight is game night. It will be the first time that we truly are the Flaming Demons guild. I feel a tear coming on. Wait no....it went away. Oh well.

I hope to see you all on tonight around 8pm (-5GMT) or so. We will log into the Water Server (less occupied) and we will meet in the last room in the Tournament Section of the game.

As always, make comments of post game results or if it is too juicy and involves pics or videos just make a new post of the wonders that you accomplished.

Look forward to seeing you all there tonight.

Other Members
I would like to ask you to please post comments of how you feel about accepting random members that we do not know. We already have a gentleman from Italy wishing to join our newly formed ranks.

DJ and I think that before acceptance we should email them and inform them of our guidelines and play times and make sure that that they are nice people in general.

As I said, though, we would like to know if you would want random people as long as they fit our criteria. So comment please. Thanks everyone!


Sunshine said...

I personally do not have an answer for the situation of random members. I do know that if we do have members we do not know, that they would need to apply so we can get a feel for them, however it would be odd to have them be a part of the guild without any knowledge of who they are or what they are like.

Now if we meet people who we play with on our own and get a feel for them, I would be willing to allow them to apply, and I would feel more comfortable with them than random applicants.

A thought that just came to me would be to have them on probation. They can either be pending or accepted and after a month or two we can decide if we like them and if they have played with us on Tues nights and other such criteria that we come up with. That way they know they are on probation and have standards to meet and we can cut them with them knowing that it might happen. Making the process structured and less random.

Just some thoughts. Thanks.

shamrock_isle said...

I am going to be running late tonight folks.. Its the first game of the regional boys bball and cumberland is playing at home. I suspect I will be online between 8:30 and 9 my time and will catch up with you all asap!

Yeah for a guild!

Thanks to WG and Sunshine for putting it together!

Jeremie said...

Umm...and you propose to make sure they are 'nice people in general' over the internet(s) by doing...what?

Sunshine said...

I am not sure. That is why I want to have other people give their opinions about the idea.

If we do not want random apps DJ and I can close the guild and only allow those people we choose to allow into it.

Wholesome Goodness said...

We would only be able to determine their internets behavior with the internets. If they're jweks, boot. If they seem cool, keep em around.

Wholesome Goodness said...

By the way, it was nice to put three notches in the "w" column...thanks, suckas!